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Read about how Pilates and Gyrotonic with Kathy has changed lives

 GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Testimonials with Kathy Van Patten:

Jessica Gowan, Owner CORE Studios, Atlanta | Authorized GYROTONIC® MASTER TRAINER & Pilates Instructor

"Kathy’s extensive education and experience practicing and teaching Pilates and GYROTONIC® exercise set her apart from most teachers of mind-body movement disciplines. While impressive, her credentials are only a small part of what make working with Kathy such a pleasure. She is true student of the disciplines she teaches. She loves the process of training new teachers. Her passion and enthusiasm for her work shine through in her high-energy teaching, personal attention and focus on the details. She has been a gift to our studios and a great mentor and role model. I can’t recommend her highly enough." 

Julie Toren, Owner BodyMind Balance | Senior Power Pilates Teacher Trainer | Authorized Gyrotonic MASTER TRAINER

"I have had the opportunity to work with Kathy Van Patten in both the Pilates and Gyrotonic methods over the last 5 years. As a master trainer she is deeply committed to honoring the integrity of each method and she approaches her trainings with a high level of organization and commitment to the educational process. She challenges each student at their individual level while balancing the group experience as a whole. On an individual level her personal practice and physical understanding of what she teaches is beyond inspiring. At any age what she does demonstrates her physical and mental strength and clarity of understanding. She is both a humble teacher and student, which earns double my respect."

Megan Frummer, Authorized Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis Pre Trainer | Pilates Teacher Trainer

"I have known Kathy for over 10 years, and have had the good fortune of being mentored and taught by her as she continues to pursue a deep, honest understanding of this work she loves. Not only is she a Master at teaching movement, but her respect for her student’s process and goals reflects a sincere humility that enables her students to hone their own talents. If you take a course with Kathy, you can expect to get a clear understanding of the work being presented, a collaborative but disciplined learning environment that fosters the sharing of information, and a boost in your confidence and skills as a teacher!

You also get the chance to see how an experienced teacher leads the way – through a deep caring for the work and for her students that she shows through daily, professional, consistent efforts to grow one more step and bring you along with her. I am genuinely excited for anyone interested in pursuing a Gyrotonic Teacher Training education."

Christina Stroh, Owner Movement Center LA | Authorized Gyrotonic Master Trainer

"Kathy is a living manual, brilliant at her craft! Her dedication and graciousness regarding movement speaks for itself. Kathy inspired me to not only become a movement teacher but mentors me to become the best teacher I can be. Her talent and ability to see the students needs in front of her make her a master, and truly one of a kind. Her knowledge is clearly communicated through her eye for detail, her voice and her touch. It’s always a joy to work with Kathy, I have consistently left her trainings feeling invigorated, enthusiastic and well informed."

Dr. Howard S. Sichel, CEO & President | Power Pilates LLC

"It gives me great pleasure to express my admiration and support on behalf of Kathy Van Patten. She embodies all of the qualities necessary of a leader and a teacher in the physical disciplines of Power Pilates as well as GYROTONIC®. 

Kathy possesses an innate ability to see the body in front of her and also the ability to communicate the appropriate information to the student, teacher or client. She inspires through her spirit, and her love of movement. If you get the opportunity to learn from Kathy, take full advantage of it." 

Jennifer Johnson, Producer & On Air Talent FOR TV Diner ON New England Cable News Network

“My experience with GYROTONIC was truly amazing. Kathy Van Patten’s style of teaching is engaging and it is clear why she is the best in the field."

Rebecca Pacheco, Creator, | Certified Baptiste Power Yoga Teacher | Senior Marketing Manager, Boston Magazine

"I’ve been an athlete my entire life and an avid yogi for the past 13 years, so I’ve dabbled, tested, studied, and found inspiration in many forms of movement.  My first gyrotonic session with Kathy Van Patten felt, at once, familiar and natural, yet fresh and innovative.  The exercises were reminiscent of my early days as a swimmer and ballet dancer, combined with a touch of pilates and isometrics, which I integrate into my workouts now.  In addition to being fun and obviously effective, the movements also felt very good.  The old adage of no pain, no gain doesn’t hold sway at the Movement Center of Boston.  While certain muscles are working hard during an exercise, it doesn’t seem to be at the cost of other parts of your body.  I would recommend this workout for anyone healing from an injury, attempting to start a new fitness program, or fitness-buffs looking to complement their current activities of choice or infuse a tired routine with added attention, finesse, and results."


I just finished my classes with Kathy Van Patten on Gyrotoner and want to express how happy and honored I am to be guided by such a great teacher and person in my professional journey of learning. Her enthusiasm and love for Gyrotonic is so contingent, she is like a little child in a candy store where she wants to have and to give anything and everything, you can see it through her eyes and fell it from the energy she is giving. She is absolutely one of the Best Teachers I have in my life and I am sure she is going to continue to touch people in her special way in the process of continuing growing as professionals and sharing their love and passion to Gytotonic. I am so happy that I stayed with Gyrotonic, you have incredible programs, wish more people will learned it. Thanks to all of you!" - Natalia Evgamukova

"It has been a privilege working with Kathy Van Patten. I am so grateful for her fine teaching, great sense of humor as well as  generous support and enthusiasm." - Kim Stearns

"You are a gifted instructor/mentor and I am  honored to have had the opportunity to be taught by you. You are an amazing instructor/mentor and I am honored to have had the opportunity to be taught by you." - Eileen Hedman

"I'm a dancer and I had the privilege of working with Kathy when I was on tour in Boston.  She is a terrific lady and I have tremendous respect for her talent and knowledge. " - Mindy Wild, Professional Broadway dancer and singer

"Kathy VanPatten is truly an awesome teacher.  It would be an honor to work for her."  - Judi Reed

"It is so refreshing to find a generous and nurturing person amidst all this, especially one as successful as you.  i know you tend to be humble, which is lovely, but you are very important in this whole scene, for many reasons." - Amy Izkawitz

"It was a privilege to learn from someone as knowledgeable and highly qualified as Kathy Van Patten." - Ellen Bishop

"I just wanted to drop you a note to say how glad I/we are that you are part of our Power Pilates family. You possess a great ability to inspire people,  which is a gift that should never be overlooked.  It has never been about the exercises, it's about how we embody and teach them.  You have that passion and desire to teach others. I am very fond of you and all that you have done.  Thank you for being a part of Power Pilates."- Dr. Howard S. Sichel, President, Power Pilates

"I would first like to start off by saying that I absolutely loved training with Katy Van patten in Boston for the beginner/intermediate mat.  She is a remarkable master trainer as well as human being.  I can only hope that I am that knowledgeable, approachable and not to mention vibrant at that point in my life. " - Donna Masi

"Thank you for a wonderful training weekend.  I left feeling inspired, with so much energy."  - Jessica Krane

I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to learn from you.  Not only are you a phenomenal instructor, but you are truly an inspiration – the energy and goodness you bring to the studio permeates everything you do." - Elisa Logan

"Our studio is privileged to have Kathy Van Patten as our Authorized GYROTONIC Master Trainer. I am proud and blessed to have had Kathy as part of my journey for both Pilates and GYROTONIC over the past 5 years. Kathy has  made a tremendous impact and inspired everyone." - Kandace Lopez, Founder/Owner, Northwest Pilates and Fitness & GYROTONIC® Tri-Cities